Climate precision

Minor differences in climate can have huge consequences for your crops, so it’s essential that your greenhouse climate is uniform!

Control systems in modern greenhouses are effective, but they have their limitations, as these do not offer you insight into temperature differences in your greenhouse. The patented Caeli™ greenhouse climate solution enables you to minimise those climate variations.

How? A Caeli™ ventilation unit is integrated in each greenhouse column. These ventilation units can be controlled individually and are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. Each ventilation unit can use data from these sensors for localised climate control. Caeli™ offers a complex monitoring and control network, unique in modern greenhouse horticulture! And it’s effective, as it gives you more control over your production and harvesting forecasts.

Caeli™ device Witte overlay afbeelding
Integrated Caeli™ ventilator with airflow


With sensors for continuous greenhouse climate monitoring, you notice climate variations immediately. Smart positioning of individually controllable ventilators enables air to be extracted via the greenhouse structure and dispersed near the crops, maintaining a homogeneous climate in the greenhouse.

Caeli™ intgrated ventilator

"Complex measurement and control using lots of small ventilators integrated in the greenhouse column."


The new world of cultivation has taught us that air from above the screen can be used to improve the greenhouse climate below the screen. Caeli™ offers you an intelligent solution to move air from above the screen to crop level without making any modifications to the standard screen system. We use ventilators integrated in the greenhouse structure for this, which extract and disperse air. This makes it possible to dehumidify your greenhouse effectively without light interception.

Integrated Caeli™ device tomatoes Witte overlay afbeelding

"Caeli™ offers an integrated technology for smart greenhouse climate optimisation!"

In brief

Caeli™ the result

The result

A greenhouse climate system with which you can measure and control locally via a reliable network of sensors* and actuators. And that enables you to understand the most up-to-date and historic heatmap of your greenhouse at any time of day.

* data connections with other systems possible.
Homogenised greenhouse climateHomogenised greenhouse climate
Improved production and harvest forecastingImproved production and harvest forecasting
Saves energySaves energy
Saves CO2Saves CO2
Insight into temperature differencesInsight into temperature differences


Driven by sustainability together with the options offered by smart technologies, Caeli™ develops and supplies greenhouse climate solutions for international greenhouse horticulture.

We offer greenhouse horticulture an integrated technology for smart greenhouse climate optimisation. By having more control and insight, we reduce energy consumption, labour costs and CO2 losses and improve production and harvest forecasting.

We are a committed and innovative Dutch brand with development and manufactures facilities within The Westland area.